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We offer unbeatable insurance towing services in Canberra and the surroundings areas.

At ACTNOW Towing, we’re keen to partner up with insurance companies, car dealers, and other types of businesses in need of towing service. Whether your clients require urgent roadside assistance, or you want to transport a show car to a new location, we have a fleet of strong tow trucks on hand to handle the task.

Why enlist insurance towing services in Canberra?

Customers who reach out to their insurance providers for roadside assistance usually expect prompt help. When youʼre unable to send a mechanic to the scene, you will need to arrange for the car to be towed to a repair shop.

This is where ACTNOW Towing comes in. We offer insurance towing for Canberra-based companies, delivering prompt and secure services that will keep your customers happy and your reputation intact.

On top of standard insurance towing, we offer several auxiliary services to keep your business running smoothly.

We offer an array of auxiliary services

Vehicle repossession services
Emergency roadside assistance
Accident towing services
Show car towing
24/7 emergency towing services
Towing of large containers

Towing for write-offs

Most car insurance companies need to write off vehicles from time to time if they have been involved in a major accident and damaged beyond repair. In such cases, you will need to arrange for the car to be towed to a salvage yard.

At ACTNOW Towing, we offer prompt emergency car towing services in Canberra. Rest assured our write-off services are always conducted safely and sensitively.

Fast accident towing, Canberra and surrounds

ACTNOW Towing is the go-to insurance towing company in Canberra for the following reasons:

• Efficiency: Our team of licensed towing operatives are committed to delivering prompt services that fit your requirements.

• Affordability: We are committed to offering competitive rates that put other insurance towing companies in Canberra to shame.

• Experience: Our operatives boast many yearsʼ worth of experience in the trade and are ready to handle complicated situations.

• Fully insured and licensed: Rest assured that our company is fully licensed and approved for towing in Canberra.

• Round-the-clock emergency response times: We understand that your clients may require assistance at all hours of the day. As such, we offer 24/7 services and lightning-fast response times.

• Careful and considerate: We have experience of working with a range of cars, including prestige cars. Customers who opt for us can rest assured that we always keep vehicles safe and looking great.

• Interstate towing: In some situations, we can transport cars across states or regions.

Quality towing services

A full range of quality towing services