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Specialises in a variety of different towing services.

Car towing Canberra drivers can rely on

We understand just how important it is to get fast and efficient towing services. We offer towing services that are quick, practical and can get you and your vehicle off the street ASAP.

If you and your car are stranded in Canberra or a surrounding area, we can help. If you and your car need a ride, we can drop you off at home, a mechanic or anywhere else may you need to go.


Delivering prompt services that fit your requirements.

24/7 emergency assistance

Need a tow service at 4 am? We have you covered.


Our operatives boast many yearsʼ worth of experience in the trade.

Fully insured and licensed

Fully licensed and approved for towing in Canberra.

Take a look at just a few of the services that our team specialise in

Motorbike towing

We have a fleet of specialised vehicles that ensure your motorbike is safe and secure on the tow back to your chosen location.


Truck towing

Need a bigger vehicle towed? No worries. We have tow vehicles capable of handling even the biggest tow jobs.


Abandoned car towing Canberra based

Point us in the right direction of the abandoned vehicle and weʼll get it sorted.


Long distance towing

Breaking down in another town or city can be nerve-racking. But it doesnʼt have to be. We offer long-distance towing Canberra based to help you get home faster and with less worry.


Show car towing

You can trust us to take the best possible care of your show car. We know just how much your prized possession can mean to you and we take all precautions when getting your prize vehicle from A to B.


24/7 emergency assistance

We know that you canʼt choose when your vehicle is going to need a tow. Weʼre available 24/7 to help get your vehicle off the road ASAP, without having to wait. No matter the time or vehicle, our 24/7 emergency assistance is the answer you need.

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And so many more!

If you need a hand relocating your vehicle or you need an emergency tow, look no further. Give us a call and see just how we can help you out. Need a service we havenʼt covered here? Why not see if we can help anyway? Our team specialises in a variety of different towing services and weʼre always happy to help get you out of a tight situation and get you and your vehicle home.

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